Saturday, December 28, 2013

Denon D7000.. Old School is still the best

This model needs no introduction. Denon D7000 has been around long enough. Reviews are many so I'm not going into detail. Just a little appreciation of this fine model.

My Audio-Technica headphones died so I was getting a replacement. Why D7000? This was one love which had gone through test of time, I must say. I have auditioned this years back. I mean like more then 6 or 7 years back. That sound signature has stuck with me ever since. So yesterday I went to my favorite local store and did some headphones audition. I initially can't remember if what I auditioned was the D5000 or D7000. So I tried the D5000. It was close to what I remembered but obviously not the one I remembered. Once I put on the D7000.. BINGO! "I've found you again!". That bass separation is just crisp and not over 'thumping'. The Denon style music coloration. Multiple layering. So the rest is history after that..haha.. Its my preessiouuss now. 

My next headphone? Maybe Audio-Technica ATH-W5000? Or the ATH-W3000ANV (guess this would soon or never since stocks are running out). 

Don't you also love the wood look on these phones? Just pretty.

Oh in case anyone is wondering, I'm just using a simple direct setup. D7000 to my AK120. I can imagine the potential amping this.

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