Monday, January 6, 2014

Fireflies Go Burn!!

In my hunt for an amp, was looking for a USB DAC, Tube and small enough to be on my computer table. I've always wanted to own a tube amp. Aren't they all just eye pleasing to begin with. Maybe its just the lights. Like flies to a bulb. So shortly after searching, it came down to three, Aune T1, ALO The PanAm and Woo Audio WA7. Great reviews for all of them but on a different level. I wouldn't be comparing basically because I have not auditioned the other two.

Why WA7? Basically fell in love with the look first. Whats makes this different from the rest is the tube cover. Its basically a block of clear glass. It just shines and glows with the tube. Just a beauty. Also with online reviews and 32-Bit, 192K support, I tell myself that I must try this out.

So next was to audition the sound. As many will know audio is subjective. So with rave reviews, it can still sound blend for one. Luckily we have a local store that has this for auditioning. Pretty clear what went on next eh? .. Was at the store trying it out for quite a while. It just sound very neutral then. At the same time still wide with slight bump on the bass. I was initially afraid it was too bassy for me, as reviews have stated. It was obviously not then. Then again, amp and headphones pairing is also very important. I wouldn't say it makes or breaks. Its more on bringing out the best balance. I was then auditioning this WA7 with the Audeze (not sure what model..ha) and an iPhone 4.

The WA7 sounded a bit more bassy on the Denon D7000 I must say. Then again, this is on USB DAC to my laptop. With the AK120 RCA setup, it sounded so much clearer and wider. I've heard USB cables makes a difference. I don't know. Will be worth a try. Maybe the iUSB with Gemini cables? This would be for my next project. As for now, gotta get this baby burn in :).

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