Tuesday, September 23, 2008

So whats so great about Jailbreaking an iPhone

Recently got into the whole hype about Jailbreaking a half-ass "phone wannabe".. yeah.. the iPhone or iPhone 3G.

I previously had the iPod touch jailbroken and never found any useful stuff. Few days ago just jailbroke my iPhone 3G.. Just as I expected.. wasn't a surprise at all. Nothing interesting.. Useless apps. Not to mention useless themes that would actually affect the performance of the device (my music skipped occasionally).

Another thing I hate is there is not enough transparency on apps that require $$. Yeah.. some apps in Cydia and Installer requires us to pay to use. They do not tell you about it till you download and try to use.

From what I see, only the useless ones are free.. ha!

Oh.. if you wanna pay $30-$80 to jailbreak.. PLEASE DON'T!.. Yes.. don't need to have your eyes and mouths open so wide. I have personally heard of people asking shops to jailbreak their devices for a cost. Its just a simple process and useless too.

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