Monday, November 10, 2008

My attemps to fix a Fountain pen.. stripping involved!

:P.. this pen works when it starts to write well no doubt. But thats when it starts to. Most of the time, I got to kick start it by scribbling with it for a very short while. It doesn't happen on my The Long March Jinhao fountain pen.
My attemp is to see what may have clogged the ink flow channel which might be the reason ink doesn't flow out as fast for immediate use.
Ok, I must admit, to strip a this pen is really fun.. or to strip any stationary infact. Hehe.. years back, I love to prank my classmates by stripping every single stationary in their pencilbox and mix them up. Its fun to see their faces when they open up the box and their attempts to puzzle everything back ;D.
Ok.. now for the dismatled pictures..

First is this reed thingy. Usually on other pens, its not detachable. They should be found as a whole with the feed and usually thicker.
There is a tiny slid on the reed (can't see it well because phone camera don't have macro).. This acts like a "straw" to channel the ink from the convertor to the feed.. I found out that the slid is not through. One of the end is blocked. Not sure if its meant to be this way but if it through, it should be better. Well anyway, my penknife is out and slid it all the way. Now its through, end to end.

Next is the feed. I saw a block just before the tip of it (Red circle). On this picture, I have already cleared it with a penknife.
It should make sense that the ink channel on the feed gradually slopes up and ends at the tip.. not just before (around red circle) and valley in again and then end at tip.
I may be wrong in clearing that path.. hehe. I'm just an amateur. We'll see.

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