Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Jawbone PRIME.. best of all time..

I was recently out on my quest to look for the best bluetooth earpiece again.. yes.. again. I have had more than 10 bluetooth earpieces. Some are good, some decent, some was terrible (M10). As with few recent ones with excellent noise canceling technology, they lack design (Z9i, i.VoicePRO). I wasn't really satisfied with what I got. Usually they last few months before finding their way to buy/sell threads.

Last week I decided to head down to a blog site (Managed by Jonathan) who brings in Jawbone earpieces locally. To my surprise, I saw a new model by Aliph. Somewhere last year, I had decided to get the Jawbone 2 from Jonathan. I was pretty pleased with the device. It was good and pretty but it does has its limitations. For one, the earpiece design is not for use without the earhook. For people who wear specs or sunglasses, this can be quite irritating. Then, it was also lacking multi-pair capabilities. I had 2 phones then.

Ok back to the Jawbone PRIME. I decided contact Jonathan and got it on the same evening. Packing is kinda similar to their other 2 previous models. I'm not going to go into details here. First when I took out the earpiece, I found a distinct difference in the dimpled face. It gives a smoother dimpled look instead of Jawbone 2's sharp ones. LED status light is still there but it’s a bit smaller and therefore more discreet. It looks like they made the slid smaller therefore less light would penetrate out.



Now for the more functional improvements. The rubber earpiece design is the main reason why there isn't a need for the earhook. I've seen similar earpiece design on some other brands.


Audio quality on the user's end is great. For some reason, sometimes I have problems listening to the other party on my previous Jawbone 2. On this Jawbone PRIME, I have set it to last second notch from the loudest and it’s really audible. Best thing is I do not hear any distortion.

Multi-pair capabilities works, as with other similar multi-pair capable earpiece. At such time and age, this should be a default on all bluetooth earpiece. It’s pretty common to hear of people with 2 mobile lines coupled with PCs and laptops, be it work or for home. For me, I work with multiple laptops at work and home. At certain times, I carry around 2 mobile phones. With multi-pair capability, now I get to pair up all my devices and forget about re-paring them again.

Till now, I have not had a caller asking me to repeat what I've just said. Not one have highlighted not being able to hear me clearly. Maybe I have not subjected the Jawbone PRIME through extreme tests. The noisiest place I've used the Jawbone PRIME is in the MRT underground.

With roughly a week of use, that’s probably all for now. Oh yah, did I mention they come in pretty colours too?

For more official info: http://us.jawbone.com/

For the place I got mine locally: http://jawbone.jonathanho.net/

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