Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Jawbone 'Quick-Snap' Detachable Lanyard

This is kind of a follow up on my previous recent toy I got (Jawbone PRIME). In my quest to obtain the best bluetooth earpiece, a carrier was one of my consideration.

How many times am I placed in a situation where I'm fumbling for my earpiece placed in my pants pocket when calls are in. Not to mention accidentally hitting the wrong button, canceling off the calls. Or in a situation where my pockets are all full and I'm not putting my earpiece with my bunch of keys for sure.

There is however an option (though not as common) where I can find a small little pouch and hook it up to my belt (like those found with Plantronics earpiece). Then again, if you are like me who already have a pouch hooked up for the mobile phone, this is one option I try not consider. With all those pouches hooked up, I'll look like Batman with his utility belt...haha

So now, as expected, the last two previous models didn't provide any carrier. I didn't expect any for Jawbone PRIME too. So I decided to make one myself. Sorry boys and girls if I pictures are sparse. I didn't take most of the pictures because I didn't expect myself to post this.

To the works. Whats required? The display thingy in the box that holds the Jawbone device in place. A little saw and preferably a small file. What I used is a Leatherman multi-purpose tool.

As I've mentioned I didn't take any before pictures. So the picture I is just an example of how it looks like. Its kind of the same for the Jawbone 2 and Prime. Only difference is, less the little 'tail' like thing on the right. Also the display holder for the Jawbone 2 and PRIME is a tight fit, which is exactly what we are looking for.

Either way you can do it. Cut it out (as show with horizontal line), then proceed to saw off the left portion which is not needed. You will then need to file off those edges to make it smooth as possible.

What you are left now is what you should see as above. Now one more good thing about this is there is also a little 'U' shaped rubber which holds its place pretty well without the Jawbone device. And it is also what will be holding the Jawbone device in place securely. Now carefully drill a small hole though so you can thread a string or small metal ring though.

Now we are done! Thread through any necklace or, what I did, used a leather string.

Below is how it would look like wearing it. Now when calls come in, all I have to do is just pull and the Jawbone should detach for use. To place it back, just push the Jawbone back in. What more could we ask for? The excellent design of the Jawbone PRIME is put to good use also as a pendant.


Jonathan Ho said...

Hey Denvis,

At last, someone did it with the ideas...

Nectar BlueClip Retractable Bluetooth Headset Holder


Denvis said...

I still think it should be detachable and easily. Besides, the fastener on those things can be quite a hindrance when you try to place the earpiece to the ears. They should make them smaller.