Monday, December 7, 2009

JH13 Pro... "Maximum Audio, Minimum Size"

Ok.. long overdue post here. Had these babies with me for quiet a while. So what's all the hype about them? In case anyone is not sure what these are, they are called JH13 Pro, custom monitors from JH Audio. 3 way crossover, ie 2 Highs, 2 Mids and 2 Lows drivers. Its a wonder how they squeeze everything in there.

If I had to describe them in one sentence, it would be "So true to music". What you expect to listen is what the JH13 Pro produces. The clinical presentation of music is extremely precise. Does not add too much colour to music like most earphones. This is the basic reason why I decided on this. On genres like Classical and Jazz, it makes vocals and instruments so so true! With the perfect fit of these customs, bass is basically just right and never overwhelming.

Overall if you are looking for 'good really clean' fun, this is the custom monitor to go for.
If you are looking for colourful audio output.. oh well.. use the EQ on your player.. haha. I'd suggest Cowon players for really nice and comprehensive EQ tweak.

I would say though that this might not be for the bassheads.. or I might be wrong. (Scratch that.. After many hours of burn-in, it seems that the bass is really picking up. Good thing is, its never overpowering. Mids and Highs are still as separated and precise.)

Remember, audio is subjective. This is just my opinion. You got to try it out for yourself.

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