Monday, March 7, 2011

Jawbone holder part 2

So I have recently bought a Jawbone ERA. Now what? Same question bogs me over and over. How do I carry my bluetooth device around? Its been bugging me as to why these manufacturers DO NOT make a useful carrier.

I could use the last detachable lanyard I made? Link.. maybe.. no wait!.. I lost it somewhere at my home :( .

After some views off the web, I came up with a DIY.. again.. Its so simple, a kid could do it.

Items required:
- Self stick Velcro. The 2 sided ones you use for cable tie. I choose this because the rough end is not rough at all.
- Needles and Thread. (Ok kids, I'm joking when I said a kid could do it. Please consult your mother when dealing with a needle.. hehe)

What to do:
First you cut a strip long enough for 2 folds. Meaning you will have 3 sections after that. Please refer to the lousy sketch I've made :P.

Then you will require another thinner strip but long enough to wrap around the Jawbone device.
Now you sew this strip on with rough side face up, to the bigger strip's furry side. On my sketch, the sew portion would be the dark line.

Note that the small strip is pointing down when sewed on. So when in use, point A from small strip goes up and wrap around the Jawbone in a U.
Why this way and not just sew with the small strip pointing up? Because it just wouldn't be tight the other way.. try it if you like. Velcro's cheap anyway.

Now, just velcro this around your belt tight. To use it, put Jawbone above the sewing line, then point A of the small strip will go up to point A.

See end product pics below.

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